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Innovation Coaching

For Big Picture Thinkers

Creativity is our birthright. Taking an idea and making it real is innovation.  Are you ready to make some changes? Looking for a fresh start, wanting to launch a new career or idea for your business? My job is to partner with you to make it real. Together we brainstorm your ideas and interests and hone in on what really lights you up. Once established we begin taking steps to make it real. Whether it's finding your passion, making a career change or growing your business; it's all innovation. Sign up to make your dreams a reality! 

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As a credentialed innovation coach Kathleen invites individuals (and teams) to hone in on their innovation preferences. Having insights to how we best innovate will help us to not only become more innovative, but to streamline our process. Each of us are born innovators, each of us has a unique style. Become more aware of your innovation style by taking our 7 question quiz below.  You will receive your results immediately after completion. 

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Our 'creative vision day' is one we will hold dear for years to come. We recommend this process to any individual or group that is looking to grow in all directions. Kathy is so passionate about elevating people to their highest potential. She taught us multiple ways to alter our perception of current circumstances, and how to understand our brains while guiding it to a better, happier place. The day was focused on us as individuals, our goals, and our visions. Doing it as a team, and sharing together throughout the process has taken our creative team energy to another level. We are forever grateful for you Kathy! You have impacted every single one of us, and we are already looking forward to the next one! Christie Dier・Horseheads, NY