Time for Gratitude 

Kathleen Quinn 2/13/21

I don't know about you but since last March 2020 a number of my activities and priorities have changed.  Because my husband and I became more health focused we explored new healthy recipes and suppliers.  We now buy our fruit and veggies from a local organic farm along with our bread from a local organic bakery.  We bought a large freezer to store healthy dinners and will continue to support local and freeze our food.  We also bought a rowing maching for staying active during the cold winter days along with a program that streams great yoga.  I also signed up for a meditation course and...not a day goes by without meditating.  This year I've been able to read more books than ever, thanks to Amazon.  And like many of us I appreciate Zooming and finding creative ways to connect with colleagues, clients, friends and family.  I've even started cutting my own hair and have purchased more professional hair supplies to do so.

Letting my hair grow out feels great! I didn't have a clue what my natural color would look like.


Today, when I look in the mirror it's a strange thing, I feel like I am re-connecting with a part of me I appreciated many years ago.  Never in a million years would I think hair color could have this impact! 


So life has changed for sure; I'm curious what will life be like post pandemic.  I know for me I will continue prioritizing quality time to read, write, cook, meditate, paint and let my husband to cut my hair!