2019 The Year of Growth Mindset 

by Kathleen Quinn

Renewing energy is not an option for leaders whose main job is to think and vision the future.  Our expanding world brings with it a complexity of issues that demand more of our time, resources and energy.  Leaders today are trying to keep their heads above water and at the same time are being asked to navigate unknown territory.  It's no wonder stress and overwhelm has risen to an all time high!  


Too much stress constricts the executive function in the brain making it difficult to think or vision!  The reptilian brain is designed to protect us from the unfamiliar.  The amygdala is a part of the brain programed to alert us of life/death situations.  In an expanding uncertain world this warning mechanism is constantly being triggered, releasing  adrenalin that readies us for fight or flight.  Once the amygdala is triggered it requires time away to return to a relatively stable equilibrium.  An example, two  bears in the woods see each other and decide to fight or run.  Either way the issue is resolved and they return to a quiet place where they have time to renew.  Realistically, our day doesn’t allow us to luxury and who has time for time out?  Yet without this release the amygdala only continues to get hotter, which results in hypertension related illnesses and more struggle energy. 


Visioning the future requires a growth mindset.  David Rock author of “Our Brains at Work” points out that it’s difficult for our brains to picture the future because we haven’t seen the future.  Being risk adverse dampens the ability to grow and vision.  It’s no wonder the tendency is to stick with old habits to remain risk free, yet old habits blindside us from navigating new territory effectively.   So what can a leader do to fuel leading energy for even more effectiveness.


Tapping into the 3 P’s

  • Pause/Purpose/Principles ignite our leading energy.  Pausing is like a reset button for maintaining balance.

  • Purpose is like the gyroscope to provide stability or maintain a reference in rough waters. Purpose ignites our vision and values.  Being clear on what you are most passionate about, what you are most committed to shapes both personal and professional brand.  

  • Principles are a result of purpose.  These are our values.  These behavioral actions act as a rudder to steer the ship to it’s intended legacy. 


The 3p’s together rally intuitive/creative thinking.  Einstein knew this when he said “let rational mind be the faithful servant of intuitive thought”.  Each practice is an incremental step that moves one beyond habitual thinking to steer away from the status quo for making a difference.  Take a pause daily to reconnect with your inner purpose, committing to act on what you are most passionate about…your inner leader will thank you!