Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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How about a little creativity in APRIL

Is it time to figure out what's new for you - what's next for you - what's possible for you ...

in a creative way thatamplifies both your inner "wizard" and your inner "muse"? 

Connecting with your YOU ~ Creatively*

Begin the leap forward toward opening your next door: Your Encore!

*special invitation for coaches/leaders to adapt this process with your clients/team, with CCEs

It's been a long few years, and now.... It's time to take stock of life and examine the next "era". (Your Encore!)

- Are you someone who usually finds the logic and reason first in order to figure things out?

- DoyouALSOwanttotapintoyourcreativesidetounlockfreshinsightsthatleadtomorebalancedchoices?

- Areyoureadytounleashthecreativityinbothyourrightbrain–andyourleftbrain–tostepmorefullyintoyourown powerful presence?

Perhaps you are in a place of transition. Perhaps you are feeling like there is something more in life that you want to experience. Perhaps you are just wanting to power down for a few days and freshen up your vision of the future. Maybe it is time to examine the “old way” and look for a “new way”.

In this highly-interactive, hands-on Leadership Unleashed! Retreat we will access BOTH our “pragmatic wizard” AND our “inner muse" to process what is and get a sense of what’s next. This means that we will be guiding participants into using paint (no prior art experience necessary) among other modalities as tool to unlock insights and free up our minds. We will be surrounded by nature that seeps in to help us solve difficult dilemmas. We will form deep inter-personal connections for thought partnership, challenge and support.

The result? You get to connect with your YOU and use all of your senses to create Your Encore!

* If you are a coach, HR professional and/or leader, we are offering special add-on programming to learn how you can adapt the process for your audience/clients and to gain 11 ICF CCEs and 1 Mentor Coaching hour. Come both to experience the richness for yourself and to take home ways to use this with your clients.

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