Pattern-Interrupt Practice

I invite you to work with images, colors, textures and shapes to manifest your best life!

Kathleen has incorporated visual journaling into her coaching work since 2005; she is now is committed to sharing a coaching process that goes beyond words (this is the second generation coaching). Combining art with structured coaching inquiry taps into our higher wisdom knowledge to offer us fresh action-orientated insights.


Designed for Women Who Lead

May 20, 2022

9a. - 1p. Online


Kathleen's small studio coaching retreats for women combine art with coaching to accelerate insights quickly. She feels we are now at a critical time when women need to step up to make the changes the world needs to create new roles and avenues for change.  Kathleen partners to help women find this direction.  Art with coaching is the process, your story is the medium!  Her integrative whole person approach provides the intellectual capital with the intutive nudge needed to move us from where they are today to where they want to be.  

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Investment 65.00