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6 C's To Harness An Outstanding Thriving Community In 2021! 

Kathleen Quinn-Matus - Credentialed Innovation Coach/Artist/Creator 

December, 2020

Christmas Horses.jpg

This year has been quite a roller coaster ride.  Not one of us has escaped the stress of 2020. The events of 2020 have tested us mentally, physically and spiritually.  It has been a sobering time for contemplation amongst all the uncertainty.  If nothing else this time has shown us that we are all earthlings and deeply connected.

A couple weeks ago as I was driving; I spotted these 6 horses connected, working as a team.  While observing this team of horses working together to plow the field, many thoughts occured on what makes a thriving community!  In this vision, these 6 C's came to mind as names for the 6 horses working in the field. 


Cooperation harnesses our energy to creative action.  Together we build an even more thriving community. 


Compassion is having an awareness for what others are going through, coupled with the desire to help or improve the current status quo.


Competence is the ability to emotionally tune in to others, knowing that one solution my not meet the needs of all individuals.


Communication begins with compassionate listening.  Being genuinely curious by asking questions, we can better understand the others perspective. 


Courage to do the right thing, to step up and move beyond the fear that holds us back.


Commitment to continuous growth doing our best to provide the best service that is beneficial to others.


In this holiday season, and in the coming year, we hope you make these 6 C's a part of whatever team(s) you belong to...Partner, Family, Friends, Work can all be made thought and one action at a time! 


Together we can harness our energy to make this an outstanding 2021.  Happy holidays and wishing you and your team(s) a healthy and prosperous New Year!   KATHY  

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