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Mid Life Career Change Webinar

  • Have you been in the same role or career for too long and ready for the next chapter? Are you passionate about something, but need more clarity, confidence  and stamina.  This is 6 weeks we share  tools, methods and practices that provie clarity, confidence and resilience. 

webinar is for  women wanting to move forward in a new career. Finding Inspiration in Every Turn...

It's scary to leave 

My Story

Hello and welcome! My career has organically shifted over many years.  In my 20's I studied both psychology and design thinking.  From that time on I have focused on innovative practices as a vehicle for change.  After all my years I have been able to hone in on practices for resilience and beleibve me I am no stranger to change.  


In my early years I was a free lance artist in Buffalo with gallery representation from east to west coast.  In 1980's I taught at Syracuse U. while completing  my MFA.   I then took aa position in a high school where I implemented a school wide student-centered resilience program. 


After 18 years, it was time to take a big leap from education to start her own business as a full time innovation coach.   Snce then my professional life has been dedicated to igniting transformational change within individuals and organizational environments.  I have partnered with people from all walks of life (executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations).  I work with professionals who aspire to be a part of the evolutionary story of 'what's to come' for themselves and for their communities. 

How About you...Are You Ready?

Our Clients

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