Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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Your Joy

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Join us for our group

Willingness Meditation

January 2021 I initiated a 30 minute Intention Meditation (every other Friday/2x's a month) because of all the changes (polarities) we are currently experiencing.  It's clear the old ways are no longer working and our institutions are failing.  The good news, a new world is emerging and it needs our blessing.  There is too much perceived fear and greed.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience and as co-creators we can contribute to an emergence of a new world (this is not religious or dogmatic). 

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5/6/22 Meditation
Engage with Somatic Drawing


We are already connected, but when we choose and

agree to be connected there is a mutuality.  

This integrative meditation practice taps into our imagination

through the use of somatic movement, chanting and more. 

As active meditators we amplify our energy (electromagnetic field) which heightens our awareness that we are all connected.  


 "The cool thing is as we heal ourselves, we help heal the collective. There's only one thing—energy—and we are all [energy]. As you improve your energy, you improve the energy of everyone around you."  ~ Emily Fletcher

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