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Innovation and empowerment belong in the same house..

Innovation and empowerment belong in the same house...

New Perspectives Coaching © 2014
We are currently gutting two thirds of the first floor of our house...Definitely a creative destruction project!

The 1950 plaster walls and white metal cupboards have served us well up to the present, now time for a face lift.

We agreed to clear the space before locking ourselves into a predetermined design feeling, a fixed mindset might constrict inspiration. Renovation without a plan; a little scary, at the same time it encourages us to play and be creative with the space.

Before we could let our ideas rip, the project framer evaluated the load and where we needed to support the 2nd floor. With supports in place we walked through the open space asking curious questions like 'what if', 'how about', 'how would it be if'...From there we imagined walls at angles, wet bars, closets, a bathroom and more.

Most of us are not in the business of framing and construction, yet we all have the ability to creatively frame our mind space, a fresh point of view that supports a positive mindset. Our self talk can energize or

diminish our power and like the shadow cast in this picture, our power extends only as far as our self perception allows.

Whyisitforsome,lifeisabowlfullofcherries,andforothersabattle? I grew up believing that we have to struggle, that success doesn't happen unless I'm in a state of fight or flight.

A couple months ago I was working on a project; papers were all over my desk and office floor. I was in battle as I worked on my project. A friend walked in and sensed my attack approach and frustration. I shared designing presentations have always been a struggle. My friend said, what if you approached your project like you were putting together a puzzle? Immediately I felt a sense of relief...With this new reframe I finished in a couple hours.

Just as a frame crops an image to present a story from a particular perspective, our life stories become the frame or lens we look through. Like a camera lens, lenses act like filters that can inhibit or expand our point of view.

Successful people maintain a frame of mind that at some point they will face a plateau. When an obstacle arises they reframe it as a learning opportunity.

Here I am with Mona asking what does she know that I need to know?

Okay a bit silly...Yet humor is an innovative reframe that gets us out of the weeds, boosts our immune and supports resilience.

Humor aside, I believe creativity is our birthright and creative reframing is even more necessary now in an ever changing uncertain world. Reframing acts like a reset button for boosting mental, emotional and physical well being. Creatives know how to connect past dots in meaningful ways; to frame a positive perspective that downloads a resilient mindset.

Innovation and empowerment belong in the same house!


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