Going With My Gut  

Kathleen Quinn © 2014

Remember the drawings you did as a little kid? If you do they can be a bridge to our early assumptions, I know mine was.


As a full time artist I was working on a series of 3-d sculptures dating back to my early childhood. One day an image of a little man popped into my head that I used to draw over and over in 1st grade and I began wondering why?

I used to watch my parents struggle to make ends meet and like many of us was told "money doesn't grow on trees". As a kid I heard stories about dishonest people becoming rich during the depression. Do you remember Henry F. Potter, a rapacious slumlord in "It's a Wonderful Life"?

My early assumption? Honest people struggle to make ends meet. Now as an adult I knew this belief wasn't logical or true, yet I also recognized I was constantly struggling to make ends meet. What I wasn't aware of...I was harboring an early assumption that had a hold on me; that is until that day when he popped into my head!

My little man represented...Money is the root of all evil.

Money is the root of all evil sabotaged all my best efforts to succeed for 30 plus years. This is because our unconscious mind fires one million neurons to every one neuron in our conscious mind and therefore is 1,000,000 times more powerful. It churns out early assumptions endlessly!

By identifying the precise language (including images) of our internal dialogue, we can design specific visual intentions that are much more powerful than generic intentions for releasing early assumptions. Why? Cave painting was our earliest form of communication, our unconscious responds to metaphors and imagery. The process taps into a precise language for insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

As an artist and transition coach I have been doing visual dialogues for over 13 years. This practice helps to center and tap into the gut mind because you are seeing your thoughts rather than thinking your thoughts. Thinking is the tip of the iceberg and a level away from addressing the deeper assumption.

This early drawing nudged me to re-career as I was turning fifty.Being aware of my deeper belief and desire, I began to re-shape my story and my destiny.

Visual mapping provides mind - body integration for becoming more aware, more conscious and intuitive. Try it for 20 minutes each day and watch what happens. At first it feels like an odd activity, yet with practice you will create new brain pathways that change your life!

I believe as we raise our own awareness we raise the awareness of the world. What is my story and intention about money today? Money is a powerhouse of energy that fertilizes unlimited possibilities for me and for the world. Like my little man of yesterday...

Today I open my arms wide to so much more!