Pattern-Interrupt Practice

Winter Collage'

Capture Your Joy

Jump start your new year!


What is around the house
Colored papers
Wrapping paper
Colored pens/markers
Glue stick
Your imagination

   How About a Little Creativity This April?

Connecting with your YOU ~ Creatively* 

Is it time to figure out what's new for you - what's next for you - what's possible for you? You are invited to participate in a meaningful experience that amplifies both your inner “wizard” and your inner “muse”. 

Are you ready to explore your story, grow and evolve together? Here is a sneak peek of what we are offering - with a nice discount for early registration! Plus, if you are interested, you can gain some CCEs!

Yes, something new and creative is coming this APRIL. We welcome you and invite you to consider joining us!

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