Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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The Lesson of Imagineer Cells
 Kathleen Quinn-Matus PCC

butterflies FB copy.jpg

I recall the lesson of the butterfly.  I took this photo about an hour before the morning of our wedding.  I decided to walk over to the site to make sure everything was in place for the ceremony.  To my surprise outside the entrance was a swarm of at least 15 butterflies.  What surprised me more is they had no fear of my presence.  They continued to flutter around my head and feet it felt like a ceremonial dance.  I was able to take several pictures a foot or less away. 

I am fascinated by the butterfly, especially the chrysalis stage.  At this stage, even though everything turns into a soupy mess, there are cells called imagineer cells that eventually birth the butterfly. 
What a magical gift that morning of our wedding, as my husband and I were about to birth a new chapter.  Today I continue to embrace the lessons of the butterfly.  As humans we all have the capability to IMAGINE and embrace new life chapter, a new way of living.  It’s up to us to shift our focus from an old world paradigm; one of competition, struggle, win-lose (survival of the fittest) mindset.  Together we can IMAGINE an even more  cooperative, collaborative, supportive and kinder world.  I believe the opportunity is here if we are willing to move beyond the fear of lack and scarcity.  During these challenging times, it’s a perfect opportunity to IMAGINE where we want to go in order to fully embrace the new identity of who we want to become!
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