Would You Consider Walking Towards Your Future? 
Mental rehearsal combined with a walk is like a booster shot for your goals.

I began this practice a decades ago and still use it today to fire up my life goals.  Here’s the why and how to do the practice.


Why it works:

  • The combination of movement with mental rehearsal of our intended goal sends a signal to our brain that our behavior matters.   

  • Leaning into our desired future state (imagining/rehearsing) on a daily basis has been scientifically proven to seed our subconscious mind.  These seeds grow new synaptic connections that can provide insights on how best to move forward.

  • The combination of physical, mental and emotional activity nudges us to move beyond our stuck patterns.

  • Jotting insights and steps (no matter how small) holds us accountable.


The Practice:

  • Set aside a specific time to walk (about 15 minutes).  On the walk imagine your goal is already realized.  For example if you are starting up a new business…feel the freedom and how liberated you feel. 

  • Engage in mental rehearsal.  Imagine waking up to a miracle morning; your business is up and running.  What does the new space look, feel, sound and smell like? Who are your customers? How are you interacting with them?  

  • Near the end of your walk include self talk…“I'm getting closer, I know, I absolutely know without a doubt!”  

  • When the walk is over jot down any insights or small incremental steps that support forward movement. 

  • Release your intention knowing you have completed all that needs to be done for that day and go about your normal daily activities.  

Photo : Karsten Winegeart

Okay, I have to be honest, so many times I have done this practice and I still deal with my own doubts and demons, but now I realize that’s normal.  Sticking with the process and watch your doubts diminish.  This practice is unique in that it encompasses our body, mind and e=motions (energy-in-motion) with our desired future state.  Physical, mental and emotional levels when congruent with intended goals, nudges us to embrace a new paradigm for moving beyond the weeds and limited beliefs!

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