Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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Would You Consider Walking Towards Your Future? 
Mental rehearsal combined with a walking practice is like a booster shot for making miracles happen.

Photo : Karsten Winegeart

Mental rehearsal combined with walking is like a booster shot for your goals.  A walking practice releases tension and provides quality time to align our energy with what we want in life.  I began my walking practice years ago and continue to take walks towards my future today.

I had not dated for 20 years mostly because I was a busy single parent.  When I had more space in my life I began to devote more time to socializing, in hopes of meeting a life partner.  I attended networking events, local swing and zydeco dances, outdoor hikes, concerts and even online dating!  I was putting in a lot of energy and, while enjoying my new chapter of activities, I wasn’t having luck meeting someone who shared my deeper values.  I decided to try a different approach which was to devote more time visioning a loving connection.  I started taking long walks while I rehearsed what I call my mind movie.  Here are the steps:


  • I focused on what I wanted to feel (in this case love & connection).  

  • I practiced self talk by repeating:

        I'm getting closer, and even though and I haven’t seen him yet, I know, I absolutely know

        without a doubt…he’s wanting to meet me too.   

  • I imagined (each day) seeing my future partner walking towards me a   ways down the road.  I imagined using all my senses.

  • I let go of the outcome after my walk was over.

Just so you know throughout this process I had my doubts.  Believe me that’s normal, yet over time, I began to feel a shift.  I found myself  spending less time socializing and more time enjoying home projects.  After each mental rehearsal walk I felt more confident and more connected.  My energy was shifting.  I felt an overall contentedness, irregardless of my circumstances.  My energy was aligning to attract someone with similar values.  My daily walking practice opened new possibilities and the rest is history…I met my husband!


Why is a walking practice effective for making life changes?


  • Candice Pert (American neuroscientist and pharmacologist) has researched on how the chemicals inside us form this interactive information network, linking mind and body. 

Emotions get planted in our 

subconscious mind and get stored throughout the cells of our body .  

A body/mind practice has a profound effect on the molecules of emotion throughout our system.  It’s all 


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