Pattern-Interrupt Practice
Would You Consider Walking Towards Your Future? 
Mental rehearsal combined with a walk is like a booster shot for making miracles happen

Have you tried a walking practice? I have found my walking practice releases tension along with providing an opportunity to manifest what is most important to me.  


I began intentional walking a decade ago because I was feeling lonely and wanting a life partner. I never seemed to meet the right person so I began an imaginary practice to see what happens. 

  1. I set aside a specific time to walk each day with a focus on feeling loved.

  2. During my walk I repeated this thought …“I'm getting closer, and even though and I haven’t seen him yet...I know, I absolutely know without a doubt, he’s walking towards me too.”

  3. I imagined seeing a figure way off in the distance; I imagined my future partner walking towards me.

  4. When the walk was over I released my intention and went about my normal daily activities.

Here's why I beleive walking is powerful for making life changes:

  • When we commit to a daily practice we are telling ourselves that our behavior matters.

  • Acting on our intentions helps us to release limited beliefs that keep us stuck.

  • Leaning into our desired future state on a daily basis seeds our subconscious mind. These seeds sprout new synaptic connections. These connections provide insights for how best to move forward.

Photo : Karsten Winegeart

Just so you know throughout this process I did have many doubts, that’s normal! Yet my walking practice seeded a new paradigm for my life. Over time my doubts began to diminish because walking, as a practice, encompasses our body, mind and e=motions (energy-in-motion) with our desired future state. I have come to realize that what I needed was a new a new belief and a new feeling. I began to shift from feeling lonely to feeling lovable, not matter what my life circumstance. It was only then that I met my future husband.  What's most important is to embrace a practice that shifts our perception...for when we do this life opens up and it's only then miracles happen!

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