Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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There is a wealth of fertile soil to tap into while social distancing.  Lets do it together!


"We are all faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations and there's always a door; it's how we evolve.  We have to see adversity and challenges from a greater level of consciousness...not from the conscious that created it".  

                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ Joe Dispenza


With even more space to breathe right now; it's a perfect time to re-examine what is important and what is not.  How would it be to reboot, recalibrate, evolve your best life?  Many clients have been busy sorting their closets, raking lawns (and more) in preparation for spring.  What if we took clearing our clutter to the next level?  Since life will not be the same as we know it; it's a perfect time to flush out our habits, emotions and beliefs that block our mental pathways to visioning new insights and I hear a YES?  


So during this time of social distancing, I'm grabbing my journal with some time-out space to ask myself a few questions.  Asking questions and writing down what comes up over time fires new connections (synapses in our brain) that would otherwise remain dormant.  This is an active mindful practice; it's ok if you want to sit quietly or I prefer to ask the questions on my daily walk. 


Something to keep in mind...

Allow insights to surface, don't force the answers, patience is key!  


You can meditate on all of the questions or take a few at a time.  

  • What am I ignoring that I need to pay attention to? 

  • What have I learned about myself during this time?

  • What implications does this learning have for my future?

  • What am I wanting to do differently?

  • What is the highest possibility for my life?

  • What am I wanting to embrace that is new?

  • What do I need to leave behind? 

  • Am I willing to take step(s), if so what are they? 


Because new times demand new thinking and new behaviors, I have adopted this as my daily practice.  Inspirational doors that were not so obvious to me before have begun to surface.  Let me know if you give this practice a try, I would love to hear what new doors are opening for you! 

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