Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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  • Our 'creative vision day' with Kathy Quinn-Matus is one we will hold dear for years to come. We recommend this process to any individual or group that is looking to grow in all directions. Kathy is so passionate about elevating people to their highest potential. She taught us multiple ways to alter our perception of current circumstances, and how to understand our brains while guiding it to a better, happier place. The day was focused on us as individuals, our goals, and our visions. Doing it as a team, and sharing together throughout the process has taken the creative energy of Lotus to another level. We are forever grateful for you Kathy! You have impacted every single one of us, and we are already looking forward to the next one!

       Christie Dier・Horseheads, NY  

  • Vision To Lead Studio was truly a transformational and a life changing experience. It helped me connect the dots in my life in a way I never knew was possible and the best part is I'm seeing immediate results! 

       Sarah Ioele ・Entrepreneur


  • I am truly grateful to Kathleen for her positive influence on our valuable employees.  

       M. Tomaselli・HR Professional and Leadership Consultant.       


  • I still use all the things you taught me. Thank you again for your great work!

       D. Grieco ・President at DRG Training Enterprises, Inc.


  • Thank you for the awesome experience.  Your leadership, insight and brilliance shone through. 

        L. Burns・CPA・ADP ・Director of Employer Relations ・Referral Manager

  • My mandatory retirement made life very confusing. I’m sure other people who are facing a 

       new career, would benefit as well as I did through her professional coaching.    

       B. Rose・Former Pilot

  • Great Presentation: The word to “choose”, the artwork to connect, and the teamwork was a huge 

        eye opener!  

        M. Russell・Ithaca College

  • Your session was just magnificent!

        Dr. Borgstrom

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