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Social Distancing - An Opportunity To Vision 


Seven steps to energizing your career or business venture!


Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach Inc. asks this powerful question: 


Assume you are having a discussion with someone and they asked you…

Three years from today, looking back over the three years, what has to   

have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to 

feel happy with your progress.


Why 3 years? 

“We usually over estimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in three.”   ~ Bill Gates


Begin to reflect on Dan’s question then follow these seven steps.  Cameron Harold author of “Vivid Visions” recommends to write down all the details as if you were building a dream house using sequential steps.  The vision is where it all begins before we meet with the architect.  At this stage it’s crucial to leave out how to make it happen.


1)   Find a quiet space to write (preferably in nature).  Leave phones and all technology at home.  If you live in a populated area

      drive to a restful spot and write in your car.  


2)  Take 2-3 hours to write about your future 3 years from now.  Use a note pad and pen.


3)  Describe your personal/professional future in detail.  Your physical space, relationships; include what others are saying about

     you (family/employees/co-workers/media/customers, etc.).  Make detailed notes (sheets of paper) and refrain from editing. 


4)  Edit your vision a few days later.  What energizes you, what is your why (your purpose)?  Combine the best parts into a story. 

     Make it colorful (like a movie include scenes, actors, costumes, music, events and more).


5)  Identify your 3 core values from your story & write them downYou will find you have more than 3 values, but core values

      are non-negotiable.  Core values are like the rudder on a ship; they steer us to our destination.  


6)  Make values actionable…turn them into behaviors.  Begin to live your story; share it freely with people (only those you trust),

      to rally support. By taking action we are telling our brain our behavior matters.  


 7)  Create a mind map that includes your purpose and core values.  Our emotional brain is as old as cave paintings; we are wired

      to remember pictures.   Track your progress and celebrate it on your mind map (Google - Tony Buzzen/Mind Mapping).


Coaches Notes:

Visioning powers our mind with an emotional map. This map enhances our insights, energy and performance because, unlike dreaming, visioning is an active process that creates new neuro-associations. New neuro-pathways energize us to take definitive action towards our dreams and desires. 


It doesn't matter if it's the beginning of the year, the beginning of a season or the beginning of a new month, it's always important to get clear on your vision and to take action daily! Guaranteed, incremental steps, no matter how big or small, will close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be.   



Kathleen Quinn - Matus PCC

Professional Credentialed Coach 



References to more vision strategies:  

Dan Sullivan - Strategic Coach Inc.

Cameron Herold - "Vivid Vision"

Tony Buzzen - Inventor of Mind-mapping

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