Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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Un-tether Your Soul 

Kathleen Quinn-Matus - Credentialed Coach


The first time I read "Untethered Soul" by Micheal Singer I enjoyed reading a few pages at a time.  For me it was my mini-retreat before hitting the pavement each morning.  


That all changed the second time I read "Untethered Soul".  It moved me to a deeper level. I compare it to slicing into a layered cake with rich fillings inside; each filling complimenting the next.  

















On the surface each chapter may appear to be saying the same as the last, yet the ideas/stories/practices are layered in such a way to provide an expanded experience; if we allow it.  My biggest take away from "Untethered Soul" is each layer of the book feels like spiritual acupuncture.   


I had a spiritual mentor in my twenties. I would call Evelyn when I was dealing with a charged situation.  She shared spiritual practices that lifted me out of my emotional quagmire and miraculously my issue would dissolve.  She always instructed me to “be in the world, but not of it”.  Evelyn reminded me that love and unity is ever present to move us beyond any and all circumstances.  


After reading Michael's book for the 2nd time, I began a heart-centering practice.  The heart being our core center of love and unity.  A daily heart practice centers me while reminding me "to be in the world, but not of it".  


Heart centering has several benefits.  Scientists at the Institute for Heart Math have found that our heart rhythms shift when we focus on feeling love, appreciation, or gratitude in the heart area.  We now know the heart produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body's organs. This field increases when we engage in a heart practice; changing the pattern of activity in our nervous system.  This lowers cortisol while increasing key antibodies of our immune system.

Below a 3 minute heart centered meditation practice one can do anytime (including at the office).  If done on a regular basis, it only gets better.


  • Begin by imaging your heart breathing in a loving light and breathing out loving light.  

  • Close your eyes and slowly breath in on the count of 8...pause...breath out on the count of 8.

  • Keeping your breathing at a steady slow pace, image a loving light flowing in and through your heart and as you exhale the loving light grows bigger and brighter. 

  • Do this for 3 minutes, breathing slowly, then open your eyes.

  • Before resuming your normal activities, take a moment to notice what has shifted.

Note: If your mind wanders, just gently redirct it back to your heart, focus on feeling a unified loving light flowing in and through the front and back walls of your heart.    

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chocolate layer cake.jpg

The second time I read "Untethered Soul", it moved me to a deeper level.

It was like slicing into a layered cake with rich fillings inside. Each filling complimenting the next.  

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