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Beyond the Analytical Mind

To The Divine Matrix









I had an experience that solidified for me what Gregg Braden writes about in "The Divine Matrix".  Because my experience is not the typical “think positive” message, I am highlighting a few thoughts from Braden's book.


Braden writes about an intelligent energy that connects the universe; it is a field of possibilities that we can tap into.  This field is something mystics have tapped into for ages, but before now never had the language of science to explain it.  Gregg Braden references serious science to support early spiritual texts and teachings.   The first half of his book covers confirmed scientific studies which help to lay the groundwork for understanding how human emotions can change our life. 


I strongly recommend watching Nova’s “The Fabric of the Cosmos” while reading this book.  "Fabric of the Cosmos” is entertaining and a visually stunning series that bridges an even clearer understanding of the quantum world.


Braden writes there is a woven web that he calls “The Divine Matrix”.   Within this web there is an intelligence that responds to our human emotions.  Other thought leaders like Braden refer to the Matrix as The Universe, Source, The Field, God, Mind and even ‘It’ with a capital “I”.   No matter what one calls this web, Braden anchors the idea that there is a dynamic intelligence that can now be validated through science. 


The author states we can change our life circumstances, but first we have to master our emotions.  Strong negative e-motions (energy-in-motion) in our subconscious can box us into experiencing the same issues over and over.  On the other hand, strong desirable e-motions can open up a portal to a desired future. 


This book validates early thought leaders like Ernest Holmes who wrote a book called “The Science of Mind” in 1927.  It also confirms my personal experience in my world.  I like to compare the Matrix (or the woven web) to a field of fertile soil ready for planting.  I have had many demonstrations in my own life and this is what I discovered:


  • Faith plays a critical role.  If our faith is weak, if we’re stressing out about the outcome, the field mirrors back the vibration of more stress. The field does not judge what we plant.  Plant an acorn and without question the soil will grow an acorn tree.  

  • It’s important to begin with the end in mind.  Feeling it has already happened aligns us vibrationally with the Field.  In other words, feel abundance before the money rolls in, feel calm in the midst of uncertainty, feel loved before the loving partner shows up.  


A decade ago I was feeling lonely and I wanted to share my life with a loving partner.  Over the years I never seemed to meet the right person.  I decided to set aside a specific time each day to walk with the focus on feeling loved.  My meditation walks moved me out of my lonely analytical mind to feeling loved for a period of time each day.  As I imagined seeing my partner walking towards me, I would tell myself…


I'm getting closer, and even though and I haven’t seen him yet, I know, I absolutely know without a doubt, he’s walking towards me too.  


Did I still have doubts, of course!  Yet, each day my doubt began to diminish as my feeling of being loved grew. 

When my walks were over I released my intention to the Universal Mind (of which I am part of) knowing it was being taken care of.  Leaning into my desired future state on a daily basis seeded my subconscious to sprout new synaptic connections.  These connections intuitively guided me along.  I remained open to the serendipitous cues that nudged me into action.  Within that year I met my better half (Joe) and the rest is history; at the age of 66 we were married!  


Today I make it a practice to first align my e=motions (energy-in-motion) with the desired future state before taking any action.  I appreciate the great job Braden did weaving the world of mystics, quantum physics with mind science.  His research bolsters my beliefs and energizes me even more to live my fullest life and, as a credentialed coach, artist and creator!  


In conclusion, the mystic Rumi very eloquently writes what science has begun to reveal:

"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. 

I'll meet you there”.

Kathleen Quinn-Matus - Credentialed Coach/Artist/Creator 

May 25, 2020

 All rights reserved 2020



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