Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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How About a Little Creativity This April?



Connecting with your YOU ~ Creatively* 


Connecting with your YOU ~ Creatively *

Before February 15, 2023 $1,045

Connecting with your YOU ~ Creatively *

For coaches & leaders - 11 CCEs & 1MC hour 

Before February 15, 2023 $1,645

We love offering unique workshops ...won't you join us?


This is a time to figure out what's new for you - what's next for you - what's possible for you. You will experience a process that amplifies both your inner “wizard” and your inner “muse”. 

Get ready to explore your story, grow and evolve. 


Keep in mind there is a nice discount for early registration! Plus, coaches and leaders have the option to can gain some CCEs!

Yes, something new and creative is coming this APRIL. Hope you will take a creative leap forward and join us!

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