Kathleen encourages exploring images,

colors, textures and shapes to

represent a desired goal or outcome.


Acrylic paint on canvas board

Visual Journal study - Collage' with colored pencil 


A sequential drawing process 


What does the art you create reveal about you?




In this workshop you will be introduced to a sequential drawing process for creating your visual landscape (no prior art experience required).  This process along with structured coaching inquiry, will help you to understand what your creation reveals to you about yourself.  From here you will be guided to make decisions and take action that supports your growth. 


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone wanting to grow and move towards something important to them.  Come with a question or desired outcome:                                 

  • Moving through transition

  • Wanting to re-career

  • Looking for more clarity

  • Searching for your north star

  • Creating a vision  


Whatever the desire; you can be informed by the art you create.  In this workshop we will explore how our unique images can help in our own self-discovery.


How does it work?

Take time out for creative reflection at Quintus ‘Lakeside Studio' Gallery in Watkins Glen, NY.  You will be invited to draw or explore a combination of images

(stick figures are fine), textures and shapes that represent a desired goal or outcome.  Your image is to represent something you’d like to know more about or something you’d like to see happen.  There is no critique, no discussion or rationalization…simply a ‘reflective time out’ to deeply listen to what you need to learn from your choice of lines, images, textures, colors and shapes that resonate with you.  All materials are included.  


Kathleen will guide you through a coaching inquiry designed to bridge a deeper connection with the image that allows new knowledge to emerge regarding the goal.  This process labeled as 'Emergent Knowledge’ opens our senses to a new awareness regarding what’s most important.  


The scheduled group discussion times are intended to provide a mechanism for expanding new insights.  Take advantage of the group experience to inform your choices with actions that you decide to put into place.  This workshop is designed to germinate seeds for beginning a new initiative or solution which is all yours.

We acknowledge our progress with a closing celebration.  Coffee with snacks will be made available.


Individual and group workshops are available.  Limit 6 for groups.  



PLACE: Quintus Studio Gallery

               41 Salt Point Rd., Watkins Glen, NY 14891

TIME:    9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Kathleen has incorporated visual journaling into her coaching work since 2005; she is now is committed to sharing a coaching process that goes beyond words (this is the second generation coaching). Combining art with  structured coaching inquiry taps into our higher wisdom knowledge to offer us fresh action-orientated insights.  Need to know more click here











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