Pattern-Interrupt Practice
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Are you about to become an empty nester or thinking about retirement and feeling there is more to life that you want to discover? 


How would it be to get super clear about WHO you are and WHAT you really want?


Experience a VISION practice that sets you on a path for self-coaching.  You will be introduced to 6 KEY STEPS that guide you on your journey of self discovery and direction. Claim your unique footprint.  This is more than a “how to” course. Visioning is a powerful practice that transforms our lives as we participate in it.

Course Competencies:

To learn and experience the VISION practice for personal use.

To gain clarity about your life vision through the use of the VISION practice. 

To explore what needs to change to become your vision.

To learn how to live your vision.

Workshop includes:

Week 1  Getting Started

              Experience a 90 minute live group webinar on Zoom (includes all handouts).

Week 2  Confirm You’re on the Right Path.  

               Review and tweak your VISION results with a 60 minute one-on-one 

               coaching consult (by phone or zoom).

Week 3  Personalized plan for progress and implementation. 

               Explore what needs to change and personalize your steps forward with

               a 60 minute one-on-one coaching consult (by phone or Zoom).  

This Workshop Is For Courageous Women Who Want More

If you answer yes to any of these questions this VISION workshop is for you.

  1. It's too early to retire, yet you have outgrown a career you once enjoyed.

  2. You are longing for a more purpose driven opportunity.

  3. You about to become an empty nester and feeling lost without a purpose.

  4. You continue to stay in a job you dislike because you are not sure what you would do otherwise.

  5. You are in your 50's and wanting to share all your experience, talents and gifts with the world. 

  6. You're about to retire, but want more than puttering around the house and/or travel.



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